This was the second one I created, and I took it to the farmer's market last summer and hung it up at my booth. I ended up getting over 20 orders on my sign-up sheet for different colors and sizes.

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This was my very first creation after a ton of trial and errors, and I have made them in many colors and designs. This is my hottest selling outfit at the farmer's market during the summer.

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Customer's Creation

This beautiful little dress was created by Gerri Jarvis from Facebook, using my book.


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Tucker's Britches

This pattern was created for my grandson who is a Sergent in the Marines. My very first order came from the General's wife on Camp Pendleton. She ordered one just like this for her new great-grandson, and that was all it took, and now I get orders every now and them from the base. I decided to make 2 for the marketplace to see if they might sell. I got a ton of orders for the little short sets which you can see in my gallery and they sell very well.