My Story

Hello, and welcome to my website.

My mother taught me how to crochet, and my grandmother tried to teach me how to knit not very successfully though. You see, I didn’t know way back then in the dinosaurs days that I was actually an ADHD child. When I grew up and started having children I passed the skill onto my 2 girls, Christina and Casandra.  Quite a few years later my daughter Christina finally talked me into taking some loom knitting classes with her. I loved it so much I became a hat knitting, frenzy eyed, over the top, knitting grandmother.

Well, needless to say I spent over a year searching all over the internet desperately looking for a tutorial or video that would show me how to loom knit dresses and the cute little pants with the overall straps. But I had no such luck, and I looked for months. I can honestly give thanks to my mother who encouraged my creativity in so many ways. My mother’s middle name should have been “Do or Die” because once she set her mind on something there was no turning back. I am happy to say that I inherited her stubborn streak. I finally decided if I was ever going to make these sweet little dresses and pants I saw, I had better figure out how to do it on my own, and that is what I did. These are my own creations designed by me.